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为了满意市场需求,公司研制机构不竭开发新产物,隐已生产厚板贴面板、科技木及切片。 “大发bet大发板材”是公司全力打造的品牌产物,用料考究,工艺昌平先辈,唱工邃密,赢得国内外新嫩客户的相信。随着品牌着名度、企业美誉度的提升,市场占领率不竭长进,综合实力不竭增强,公司已入选“华潮南人造板产区50强最具实力企业”。公司在器轻产物质量的同时,冷漠售后处事质量,在遍布全国各省市的分销网点中成立起“以冷漠顾客为焦点”的售后处事信息搜集。




Shandong Hengrui Woods Industry Co。, Ltd。 is an enterprise specializing in producing decorative veneered plywood。 The company is located in the Yitang Industrial Park of Linyi City, covering an area of 58,000 square meters, with building area of 38,000 square meters, and fixed assets 30 million yuan。 There are 660 employees in the company, including 60 technical personnel, of whom 25 are provided with medium-level or senior technical titles。 The designed production capacity amounts to 5 million sheets annually。 

The products of the company are manufactured in accordance with GB18580-2001 and GB/T15104-2006 standards。 The product quality has reached the leading level in the same industry。 In 2005, on the basis of receiving the national industrial production license in the first batch, the company successively gained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and the ISO14024 Environmental Labelling Certification。

In order to meet the market demand, the company’s development department keeps developing new products. Now the company has produced thick veneered plywood, engineered wood and veneer. "Hengrui Wood-Based Board" is a brand name product which the company makes efforts to make, and with good materials, advanced technology, fine workmanship, and it has won the trust from old and new customers both at home and abroad. With uprising of the brand name awareness and the enterprise’s reputation, the constant increase of market share, and the continuous enhancement of the overall strength, the company has been listed in the "50 most powerful companies in the artificial board production area in East China". While focusing on the product quality, the company also pays attention to after-sales service quality. The after-sales service information network with “paying attention to customers as focus” has been established in the distribution network spreading in the provinces and cities all over the country. 

The company carries out the " thinking of people first", implements the humane management, makes efforts to improve basic conditions of production, life, culture and entertainment for the employees, and implements the management policy of " militarization in management, education in school, feelings like siblings, life as in family ", and gives full play to the workers' congress as a link, to achieve democratic management, win-win and mutual benefits. Apartments are provided for employees’ lodgment, giving the feeling of “home”.  

The company has set up the cultural entertainment center for the employees, which is equipped with table tennis room, billiards room, Karaoke hall, and constructed high-grade basketball court, high standard culture gallery, to enrich the cultural and sports and entertainment life。 Appraisal and praise of the Star of the Month, technical crackajack, and outstanding employees provide a platform for the individual growth and development of the employees。

The company adheres to the business purposes of "honesty as base, quality developing the factory, customer first, innovation and development", is based on the concept of "being safe and high efficient, healthy and environmental protection", to promote the enterprise spirit of "being harmonious, pragmatic, innovative and progressive"。 According to the development strategy of "creating first-class enterprise, manufacturing first-class products, providing first-class service, establishing first-class brand name", the company warmly welcomes the people of deep insight all over the world to create prosperity hand in hand。